Here’s a Bad Idea: Uber for Banking

Facebook’s development credo is “move fast and break things”. Uber’s credo is “break the rules, apologise (maybe) later”. The lifeblood of the startup industry is this thing called “disruption”. Apparently all good things come from disruption: Craigslist disrupted the newspaper classified ads industry, Napster disrupted the online (and, by extension, offline) music industry, Apple disrupted … More Here’s a Bad Idea: Uber for Banking

Bothering With Bitcoin

It’s been used to buy drugs, weapons and all manner of illicit goods. Even though each one has a unique code, it’s anonymous and untraceable. It’s being stored in wallets, safety deposit boxes and slicks, yet it makes its way around the world quietly and quickly. Its fluctuations in value have made paupers into millionaires … More Bothering With Bitcoin