Can You Follow Instructions?

A few days ago I put up a job listing through a well-read job newsletter. Here is the posting in its entirety:

Web Site:
–> iPhone App Developer (CJI-SUI-app)

Updated: 28-Apr-2010

Description: Short-term/freelance developer job, writing an iPhone application from start to finish.
Do not send CV (your submission will be automatically disqualified) – send a cover letter describing your experience based upon the requirements below. This may lead to longer term work.

Requirements: MUST HAVE written at least one app which is publicly available.
Preference for C++, but Objective-C is alright.
Familiarity with Android an advantage.
Must know how to work with third party APIs.
Independent worker and good thinker.

And guess what people sent?

Right, resumes.

Others elaborated on their real-time Linux experience.

This was the first test, folks, to see if you can follow instructions.

By the way, the post is still open (although there are a few good candidates). Interested? You know what to do.


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