Closed To Tinkerers

For some segment of the population, the words “No user serviceable parts inside” are a stab through the heart. But wait, there’s an API for that! … More Closed To Tinkerers


Thinking More About Stories

I’m not the only one with story-telling on the mind: See Story Telling Before Bed  for more stories on telling stories. One especially caught my eye (Big Love in a Small World)  as stories don’t necessarily need to be verbal, they can be visual. One great example of this as seen on is accompanied … More Thinking More About Stories

Can You Follow Instructions?

A few days ago I put up a job listing through a well-read job newsletter. Here is the posting in its entirety: Email: Web Site: ————- –> iPhone App Developer (CJI-SUI-app) Updated: 28-Apr-2010 Description: Short-term/freelance developer job, writing an iPhone application from start to finish. Do not send CV (your submission will be … More Can You Follow Instructions?